What is Eat or Heat?

Eat or Heat is a campaign set up to help people most in need – those facing the impossible decision of whether to feed themselves and their family, or to heat their homes. It relies on donations, every donation makes a difference, and anyone can donate to add to our fund.

The fund is open to our charity partners, to apply for vouchers for people they know are in need, during the continuing challenging times.

By opening up the fund to charities and grant-giving organisations across the UK, that partner with us, we’ll help to make sure your donations go directly to the people who need them the most, specifically supporting low-income families and individuals faced with the impossible choice of whether to eat or heat.

Eat or Heat will continue to help people in need, for as long as the campaign is supported.

Why has Eat or Heat been set up?

Eat or Heat? It’s a decision no-one should have to make. However, with the cost of living at its highest in a decade, that’s exactly the situation many are forced to face in the UK – and we wanted to help.

Eat or Heat aims to support people most in need, with a £25 food or energy voucher to help them do both.

Who has created it?

Eat or Heat has been created by C Supplies, with support from The Teaching Staff Trust.

C Supplies has been supporting charities for over a decade to help administer grants to people in need. The campaign will be funded with donations from C Supplies, their suppliers, and any individual who wants to help make a genuine difference, giving those who are most vulnerable some much-needed support.

As Judith Smith, Chief Executive of The Teaching Staff Trust said:

“I’m so pleased to have worked with the team at C Supplies to bring the Eat or Heat campaign to fruition. At the Teaching Staff Trust, we have seen a very marked increase in the applications from people who simply cannot make ends meet at the moment (however hard they are trying) – more so than ever before, in my experience. This is something that will make a small difference to them, whether it be in the form of some money for fuel and utilities or a small amount to help them to supplement their food bill. And that small difference won’t just help practically but it will also help them to feel just a bit more supported.”

Make a donation


Make a donation
Any donation, whatever the size, will help people who are forced to choose whether to eat or heat

Spread the word


Spread the word
Let people know about the campaign on social media or by word of mouth

Register and apply


Register and apply
for a voucher on behalf of a beneficiary if you are a charity